Couples & Family Counseling

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps a couple to discuss the problems they are experiencing and develop a plan to deal with them.

BCCCAA’s therapists will help them recognize ineffective patterns and communication styles and explore their level of commitment to one another. There are several couples therapy approaches, but all focus on teaching the couple how to understand their partner’s point of view and more clearly express his or her feelings. Success involves breaking old patterns, establishing healthy boundaries, and learning to work together when dealing with life’s many stressors.

Family Counseling

Family counseling helps families understand their communication styles and behavior patterns. In family therapy, our clinicians help family members recognize recurring conflicts and work with them to develop improved communication and problem-solving skills. If a child’s behavioral concerns are the reason the family is in therapy, we work with parents to develop an action plan. In both individual and family therapy, therapists at BCCCAA will teach you strategies to increase positive interactions and avoid regrettable statements, or unproductive discipline.