Screening for Success Program

The Screening for Success Program provides early screening for children who may be struggling with learning differences or social-emotional challenges before investing in costly psychoeducational testing.  Screening for Success also can help boost academic performance by identifying learning styles and areas of strength and weakness that may inform how a student should approach academic endeavors and school choices.

How Screening for Success Works

First, fill out the Lanier Clinical Inventory Questionnaire and send to BCCCAA.  Then, meet in-person with our testing experts and choose screeners a la carte based on the questionnaire results and teacher/parent observations.

Get results and recommendations within two weeks to address needs efficiently.

Reading Screening
Math Screening
ADD & Executive Functioning Screening
Social-Emotional Screening


A combination of assessments

Some typical recommendations could include:


Pricing (1/2 price for Virtual Screenings during COVID-19)

1 Screener – $145 (Originally $295)

2 Screeners – $245 (Originally $495)

3 Screeners – $325 (Originally $650)

4 Screeners – $485 (Originally $775)

10% off Psycho-Educational Assessments


Often 1 or 2 screeners is enough to understand and address a child’s needs, but if a full psycho-educational assessment S2700 (originally $2995) is necessary, any amount paid for screening is deducted from the testing price.