Stepping Stones to Success

Remember the math class you hated? Or was it English? Or sports? Everyone is different, but some children struggle to keep pace with their peers. When a child is doing poorly at school or in social environments, it can be frustrating and can signal more pervasive problems.

Gifted children also may struggle in mainstream environments and may perform better if their abilities and academic needs are fully understood.

What should you do if you think you have a child with learning differences?


Rather than begin with a lengthy and expensive psychoeducation exam, consider a brief, inexpensive screener for the specific difference suspected. The results of the screener can help determine whether more comprehensive testing is necessary.


An educational or neuropsychological assessment can pinpoint deficits and help tailor educational interventions and accommodations to the individual.


Specialized tutoring, coaching, and individual or group therapy can teach children (and adults) new strategies and coping skills that alleviate stress and improve performance.


With appropriate accommodations, interventions, and support, everyone can experience success in school, at work, and in life.

Additional Resources

Kathy Essig

Kathy works with a team of highly qualified specialists whom she has known and trusted for years.   Given the time that she has spent in and around schools, Kathy has had the honor of working with some of the best and brightest in the field of special education, ADHD, and executive function.  When hiring or networking, she asks the question, “is this the person that I would want to work with my children?”  The members of her team and network receive a resounding YES!

Vanessa Rothstein

Helping families form strong daily habits & routines for academic success in the following areas:

  • Parent Education, and Scholarly Success Seminars on Organization & Time Management, Educational Technology, Reading Levels, Comprehension & Fluency, Spelling, Handwriting, Learning Styles & Differences, and Psycho-Educational Testing & Evaluation
  • Improvisational Social Skills Groups
  • Private & Independent School Test Preparation
  • Traditional Tutoring & Enrichment in Reading, Writing & Mathematics, and Early Literacy with Phonics, Letters & Numbers
  • Summer-time Enrichment