Adult Psychotherapy

If you feel down, anxious, or overwhelmed, therapy can help. Therapy also can help you improve relationships and achieve personal and career goals. Therapeutic approaches can vary greatly, but there are two philosophical schools. Psychodynamic therapies explore the origins of mental health concerns, such as childhood experiences and trauma. Cognitive-Behavioral therapists focus on altering faulty cognitions and dysfunctional behaviors with targeted interventions. Therapists may adhere strictly to the point of view or use a combination of modalities and techniques with their clients. Regardless of approach, at BCCCAA, our therapists will work with your unique personality, and mental health needs to help you achieve the results you are seeking.

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

Therapy for children is tailored to age and developmental level. Our therapists primarily use aspects of play, art, and music therapy when working with children. For children who are experiencing anxiety, stress-relieving techniques, including relaxation and yoga, also may be incorporated into the treatment plan. Through this multi-dimensional approach — which may involve more than one team member — your child will learn new ways to express feelings and needs.

BCCCAA also believes that effective treatment should involve the family and other members of a child’s community. Parents, caretakers, and siblings may be asked to participate in the therapeutic process so that skills learned in therapy may be better maintained in real-life situations. To this end, clinicians may use behavioral charts in session and at home to practice and reinforce these new behaviors.

For adolescents, therapy focuses on gaining an understating of their thoughts, expressing their feelings, and learning new ways to cope with problematic situations. Parents learn skills to manage interactions to develop more trust, openness, and positive behaviors.

Psychotherapy Throughout the Lifespan

From the moment we take our first breath, life requires us to adapt to numerous changes. Whether it is a happy event, like the first day of college or a new marriage, or a traumatic one, like a divorce, death or illness, we may need help to help us process and cope with these challenges.

At any age, we can feel powerless and vulnerable, but children and older adults feel this most acutely. Our therapists are experienced in counseling persons of all ages and can help you or your loved one navigate through struggles and enjoy the journey.

FOR SENIORS, we provide counseling services both in our office and in your home. We also can recommend a wide variety of care management professionals to plan for and facilitate care in the comfort of your home environment. Also, we specialize in helping families deal with the stresses of caring for an elderly or ailing family member.

Counseling For Seniors

At BCCCAA, we believe that as we get older, we deserve more choices, not fewer. So, our clinicians provide a variety of services both in our offices and in your home, including:

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Neuropsychological Assessments
  • Safety Assessments of your home
  • Music & Art Therapy